Feature comparison

Below is a table which compares the features of TJShow with features of QLab, a show control program from Figure53 for Mac OS X. Please feel free to contact us when you have something to say about the comparison details.

Qlab 2 TJShow 3 TJShow 4
Price (bare-bones) € 0,00 € 249,00 € 499,00
Price (all-in) € 599,00 € 249,00 € 499,00
System required Mac OS X Win XP/Vista Win XP/Vista
Timing model Cue-lists Timelines with cues Timelines with cues
Control cues Yes Yes Yes
Logic cues No Yes Yes
Logic type n/a expression or UI expression or UI
Cue cross-triggering Yes Yes Yes
Cue precision 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms
Cuelists/timelines can be instanced No No Yes
Playback speed changeable No Yes, per-timeline Yes, per-timeline
Pause during playback Yes Yes Yes
Start at random time Yes, partly Yes Yes
Fade curves adjustable Yes, Bezier Yes, linear Yes, linear
Between-timelines/cuelist synchronization Guards, Variables Guards, Variables
Timing adjustments No Smart shifting Smart shifting
Patching system Fixed number of patches Custom patches Custom patches
Hot-key triggers Yes No No
External triggers MIDI*,Clock* & Timecode* MIDI MIDI,OSC
Scripting, logic & data
Show-global variables No Yes Yes
Timeline/cuelist-local variables No Yes Yes
Variables can be used in properties No Yes, mostly Yes, mostly
Cues/tracks can return data No Yes Yes
Application scripting Yes, AppleScript Yes, TJScript Yes, TJScript
Web-based control No Yes, with TJScript No
Users can interact No No Yes
Variables propagated across network n/a Yes Yes
Off-load parts of show to separate node No Yes, tracks Yes, tracks or instances
Play same part on multiple nodes n/a Yes Yes
Playback nodes can return data to server n/a Yes Yes
Files transferred over network n/a Automatically or on demand Automatically or on demand
Patching client devices on server n/a Yes Yes
Addressing model n/a Channels Groups of clients
Formats supported Qt Dshow Dshow
Distribution 48ch matrix* masters masters
Multiple soundcards Yes* Yes Yes
Can be looped Yes No No
Trimming Yes No Yes
Shows waveform Yes, No timing No Yes
Volume envelopes Yes Yes Yes
SoundMan interface Yes No No
Formats supported Qt Dshow Dshow
Opacity Yes Yes Yes
Multiple screens Yes, 8 Yes** Yes
Layering Yes, layers Yes, z-order Yes, z-order
Transformations 2D (*3) 3D 3D
Effects Yes (Quartz Composer) No Yes (effect masters)
Live feeds Yes Yes Yes
Effects on live feeds Yes No Yes
Transformations on live feeds Yes Yes Yes
Animated transformations Yes (stepwise) Yes (continuous) Yes (contiuous)
Dynamic video selection No Yes Yes
Images also supported ? Yes Yes
Can show text (from variables) n/a Yes Yes
Video keying No (*3) Yes Yes
Video keying on live source No (*3) Yes Yes
Interactivity None Mouse Mouse
Devices supported OS-dependent OS-dependent OS-dependent
Note on/off messages Yes* Yes Yes
Control Change messages Yes*, fade curve Yes, fader curve Yes, fader curve
Program change messages Yes* Yes Yes
Aftertouch messages Yes* No
MSC support Yes* Yes Yes
MMC support No (*4) Yes Yes
MTC support Yes* No No
SysEx support Yes No Yes
MIDI-over-serial No No Yes
Devices supported n/a Ent-tec, Soundlight, DMX4all Ent-tec, Soundlight, DMX4all
Protocols supported n/a ArtNet, ESP ArtNet, ESP
Max universe count 0 unlimited unlimited
Viewer/designer n/a Simple Simple
Patch-set can be saved and loaded n/a Yes Yes
16-bit channels (coarse/fine) n/a Yes Yes
Special channel operations n/a Negate, Switch Negate, Switch
Macros n/a Yes, unit Yes, unit
Submasters n/a Yes Yes
OSC (OpenSoundControl)
Transports supported n/a n/a UDP, multicast UDP
Argument types supported n/a n/a All standard
Variable data can be used in OSC message n/a n/a Yes
Timing n/a n/a Immediate
User interface
Languages English English, Dutch English, Dutch
Themes Dark/Bright Dark/Bright, high DPI Dark/Bright, high DPI
Data support
Databases supported n/a n/a SQLite
*Needs separate plug-in which costs money
**Feature requires a running client
*3Feature can be worked-around with Quartz Composer
*4Feature can probably be emulated by using SysEx